Meta Search Engine Walks Free

Court of Utrecht in summary proceedings, 21 November 2007, LJN: BB8341, Wegener ICT Media B.V./Innoweb B.V.

The Facts

Innoweb operates a so-called ‘meta search engine’ through the website On this search engine the visitor can search the used car offers on seven different car sites, including the site of the claimant Wegener:, with the help of a number of selection criteria. …read more

ECHR Finds the Netherlands Guilty of Violating the Journalistic Right of Non-Disclosure (Voskuil

Judgment of the European Court of Human Rights of 22 November 2007

 In 2000 the Amsterdam Court of Appeal, in the notorious trial against Mink K., ordered the detention of Koen Voskuil, a journalist of the daily newspaper Sp!ts, in order to compel him to reveal the identity of his source which he refused. …read more

Back to Newsletter January 2008 The Case of Suharto Against Time Magazine Asia

In Indonesia former dictator Suharto has pressed charges against Time Magazine. Suharto considered an article devoted to him to be a libelous. The Indonesian Supreme Court has ordered Time Magazine to pay damages in the amount of 77 million euro. Kennedy Van der Laan is involved …read more

The Publication of Personal Data on the Internet for Journalistic Purposes

Personal Data Protection Act is partly not applicable to journalistic publications, provided that a number of conditions have been met.
The Personal Data Protection Act (Wet bescherming persoonsgegevens, “Wbp”) is partly not applicable to journalistic publications in which personal data are included, if the personal data are published ‘for exclusively journalistic purposes’. …read more