Indonesian Supreme Court reverses ruling on 77 million euro claim of Suharto against Time Magazine

General SuhartoOn 16 April the Indonesian Supreme Court reversed its earlier verdict of 30 August 2007 in which Time Magazine (Asia) was ordered to pay Indonesia’s former dictator Suharto damages in the amount of 77 million euro. Suharto considered an article devoted to him to be a libelous. Kennedy Van der Laan was involved on behalf of Dow Jones, the New York Times and several other media companies in drafting an “amicus letter” in the …read more

ECHR Verdict Against Right of Non-Disclosure of Dutch Magazine


A discussion of the judgment of the European Court of Human Rights in the matter Sanoma vs. the Netherlands dated 31 March 2009

Street Races in Hoorn

On 31 March 2009 the European Court of Human Rights rendered a judgment in the case of Sanoma versus the Netherlands. The Sanoma weekly Autoweek had photographs of a street race of January 2002 in Hoorn in its possession. Before the journalists were allowed to take photographs, they had to …read more