Website Liable for Search Results Google?

failliet1-300x781The website contains information about car company Zwartepoorte. This information is correct. The court in interlocutory proceedings in Amsterdam has ruled that has to be adjusted anyway. Why? In its search results search engine Google combined pieces of information of in such a way that these search results created the impression that Zwartepoorte was bankrupt. This recently published judgment (in Dutch) of the Court of Amsterdam in preliminary relief proceedings of 13 May 2009 is, in my view, an undesirable limitation …read more

Supreme Court Reverses Ban on Use of the Word ‘Quack’

sickeszIn 2007 the Court of Appeal of Amsterdam prohibited the Dutch Association against Quackery from calling orthomanual therapist Maria Sickesz a quack. On 15 May 2009 the Dutch Supreme Court 2009 has reversed (in Dutch) this judgment. Sickesz is the founder of orthomanual therapy. She contended that with her treatment method she could not only cure neck, shoulder and back complaints, but also …read more