Press Agency AP Loses Case on Royal Family Holiday Pictures

Royal Family during an official moment - Source: Koninklijkhuis.nlThe Court has prohibited the press agency AP (Associated Press) from offering four pictures of the recent holiday of Prince Willem-Alexander, Princess Máxima and Princess Amalia in Argentina. This is the result of the judgment in proceedings that the Royal Family had brought against AP.

On 20 July 2009, Prince Willem-Alexander and his family organized a ‘media moment’ just before the start of their summer holidays. The media got the chance to take pictures of the family at the beach in the Netherlands. At that time, Willem-Alexander refused to disclose their holiday …read more

Listener’s Contribution not Attributed to the Wereldomroep

rnw_wereldomroepIn July 2008, a listener’s text message was read aloud in a radio program of the Wereldomroep: “And yesterday night was very entertaining with Jonny Walker and the six drivers of Edgard Vermaas, who have become redundant due to a personnel cutback. Welcome at Van Doesburg.” The presenter of the radio program added to this: “That is collegiality says Don Frerik. As we already said before, of course we need collegiality on the road. Because it is already…yes that is hard to find. That is quite something, one business ceases to exist, the other business is taking over staff, I think that is awfully nice.” After the end of the program the Wereldomroep received an e-mail of another listener, who reported that …read more

Mininova Must Remove Torrent Files and Actively Check For Copyright Infringement

mn2The proceedings against Mininova were instituted by Stichting BREIN, a foundation which represents a large number of right holders entitled to copyrights and neighboring rights. BREIN argued that Mininova should be held responsible for the large-scale …read more