European data protection supervisor EDPS wants standard refusal of cookies

Logo EDPSThe European Data Protection Supervisor (EDPS) is of the opinion that web browser should have the standard setting not to accept third party cookies. This follows from an opinion in which the EDPS advised the European Commission on the new privacy regulations regarding cookies.

The revised e-Privacy Directive stipulates with respect to the installation of a cookie that the permission of the user is required, after he …read more

New rules for ‘cookies’

vragen-over-cookiesIn the end of 2009 the European Parliament adopted the telecom reform package containing an amendment of the rules on the use of cookies. It is expected that these amendments will be transposed into Dutch legislation in April 2011. The amendments include an adaptaion of the regulation of cookies. The question is what the amended e-Privacy Directive will change in this respect. The new Article 5 (3) stipulates with respect to the installation …read more

Price history published by does not qualify as personal data

miljoenhuizen_logo3Media Report reported earlier (in Dutch) about the consideration of the Rotterdam Court, which has ruled that information regarding the price history of a house cannot be regarded as personal data. This article provides a more extensive analysis of the ruling.

These days, houses for sale are not only put up in the shop window of real estate agents, but also on the Internet. Online advertisements on real estate websites …read more