European Court of Human Rights: Conviction Le Pen for Hate Speech was Justified – Dark Clouds Gathering over Dutch politician Wilders?

couleursStatements Le Pen Resulted in a Conviction in France
In a recent judgment, the European Court of Human Rights (published only in the French language) has rejected a complaint of the politician of the Front National Jean-Marie Le Pen. Le Pen complained against his conviction for inciting hatred in France. His conviction was based on, amongst other things, the following statement: ‘The day there are no longer 5 million but 25 million Muslims in France, they will be in charge. And the French will press their backs against the wall, will step off the sidewalk with their eyes fixed on the ground. If they do not do so, they will be told: “Why are you looking at me. You wanna fight?” Then you’d better start running, before you’re beaten up.’  

Just like Dutch …read more

Eyeworks vs. FTD – Dutch Court rules that Facilitating Infringement by Providing Usenet Application Leads to a Direct Copyright Infringement

eyeworks1FTD is a provider of a Usenet Application which allows people to spot posts on Usenet (to find content more easily). Dutch TV producer Eyeworks found out that through FTD’s application its film ‘A Woman Visits the Doctor’ [Komt een vrouw bij de dokter] could be downloaded via Usenet. Eyeworks claimed that by facilitating an infringement on its copyright, FTD actually infringed upon Eyeworks’s copyright itself.

In a groundbreaking ruling in summary proceedings, which is published here in English (the Dutch original can be found here), the court of The Hague in The Netherlands accepted Eyework’s claim. The court found that the relevant question is ‘whether the behavior of FTD allows users to download copyrighted files (in an easier manner) and that it thus makes such files in fact available to the public.’ The court concluded that FTD indeed infringed …read more

Advertising Code Committee: Advertising Campaign Trafigura on Probo Koala Affair Misleading


On 3 June 2010 the Advertising Code Committee (“RCC”) allowed a complaint from environmental organization Greenpeace about an advertising campaign of the oil company Trafigura. The RCC ruled that Trafigura had violated the rules of the Dutch Advertising Code in this advertising campaign, which concerned the Probo Koala affair. In half-page-sized advertisements about the Probo Koala affair, …read more