European Court of Human Rights – Sanoma Wins Autoweek Reporter’s Privilege Case versus the Netherlands

autoweek1On 14 September 2010, the magazine Autoweek and publisher Sanoma won their case before the European Court of Human Rights (“ECHR”) versus the Netherlands. By demanding Autoweek to surrender photographs, the Netherlands have acted contrary to the freedom of information as guaranteed by Article 10 of the European Convention on Human Rights (the “Convention”).

The case concerns a police raid in 2002 at the editorial office of Autoweek, during which photographs of an illegal street race in Hoorn were seized. The photographs had been taken by a journalist of Autoweek after having guaranteed the anonymity of …read more

Court of Appeal of The Hague Allows Image Right Claim of Turkish Woman

dansende mensen in een discotheekOn 24 August 2010 the Court of Appeal of The Hague rendered a judgment in an image right case. In this judgment, the Court of Appeal allowed the claim of a Turkish woman who argued that she had become ‘socially isolated’ as …read more

Tapes of Monitored Dutch Journalist Infringe Reporter’s Privilege – Acquittal of ‘Leaking’ AIVD Official

jens_telegraaf1Fruits of the poisonous tree

The Court of Haarlem has acquitted the (according to the AIVD) ‘leaking’ AIVD official who would have provided Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf with information about Iraq. This acquittal is mainly based on the journalistic right of non-disclosure. The Dutch General Intelligence and Security Service (AIVD) had bugged various De Telegraaf journalists and had thus obtained evidence against the AIVD official. According to the …read more