English translation of court order in Louis Vuitton vs. Nadia Plesner case

darfurnica4We have already reported on Media Report about the Dutch case over depection of a bag in an artwork between Louis Vuitton and Danish artist Nadia Plesner.

There is now an English translation of the Dutch court order available here.

Louis Vuitton sues Danish artist Plesner in the Netherlands over depiction of bag in art work

darfurnica4Danish artist Nadia Plesner is studying at the Rietveld Academie in the Netherlands. One of Plesner’s works of art, Darfurnica (see picture on the left), is modeled after Picasso’s Guernica and expresses the artist’s surprise at the attention that is paid to nondescript celebrities like Paris Hilton, while humanitarian disasters like those in Darfur remain rather unnoticed. In the middle of the painting an African child is depicted, holding a bag. Louis Vuitton is of the view that the pattern of this bag infringes its …read more