Tedx talk Nadia Plesner on the Louis Vuitton litigation

A recent Tedx talk by artist Nadia Plesner, about the litigation back in 2011 against Louis Vuitton over her art (more here in Dutch, here in English) and artistic freedom versus intellectual property. We represented Nadia in The Netherlands.

Legal Review Plesner vs. Louis Vuitton judgment: Artistic Freedom Prevails Over IP-rights

simple-livingIt have been exciting weeks for Danish artist Nadia Plesner. Louis Vuitton sued her over the use of a look-a-like Louis Vuitton bag in her artworks. With these artworks, Plesner tried to raise awareness for the situation in Darfur. See here for further background information.

Louis Vuitton claimed that Plesner’s artworks infringed upon her design rights on the bag. Plesner relied on her fundamental right on freedom of speech. More specifically: her artistic freedom. After Plesner successfully challenged a judge of the Court in preliminary relief proceedings at an earlier stage, (another judge of) the Court in preliminary relief proceedings rendered a judgment in this case yesterday. The Court …read more